About us

Virtuous Splendour is owned by Celina Eno

The shop was founded in March 2019, inspired by her passion for elegant wear and God.

Virtuous comes from the Christian Bible and it simply means good moral standard. A woman or man of virtue dresses modestly and also treats people very kindly. He or she cares for the community and is very hardworking and compassionate.

Growing up in Africa Celina had special dresses only during Christmas. Many years later she moved to the Netherlands where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication and media.

She later on gained her first real job after graduation with an American company which gave her opportunities to grow her career till date.

In order to wipe away the lack she suffered while growing up, she started adorning herself with many shoes and elegant dresses. From that time she developed a special desire to own her own fashion business. 

Her desire is to supply her clients with the most sophisticated and elegant outfits.

She currently lives in the South of Holland with her husband and their three children.

Have fun as you shop with Virtuous Splendour.